Over 100k Youths in Africa Have Participated in Binance’s Crypto Education Initiative

Reports have it that over 100,000 Africans have partaken in the Binance Crypto and Blockchain Education in less than a year after the initiative was launched.

Binance had launched a massive program to enlighten Africans and increase the crypto market potential of the continent. 

The initiative, referred to as the Binance Masterclass, aims to equip African youths  with the relevant knowledge about cryptocurrencies to save them from falling prey to the increasing number of crypto scams

The continent is seen as a very important market for the entire crypto market as more Africans are appreciating the innovation of blockchain technology. 

A director of Binance Africa, Emmanuel Babalola said “Africa is a very important market for Binance because we see the profound opportunity blockchain brings to the entire continent.”

Babalola had stated further that the initiative serves to prepare young Africans for career opportunities open in the cryptocurrency market. 

Reports about the Masterclass have revealed that participants are taught how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, trade in the advanced futures and margin options, as well as identifying potential scams beforehand. 

The African Relevance to the Crypto Market 

The African continent is believed to be a strong potential market for the entire crypto community. 

Some countries in the continent are leading the rest of the world in advanced peer-to-peer methods of trading. Countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and Ghana have proven to be crypto giants in Africa. 

The Binance Masterclass was launched in Benin City in Edo state, Nigeria, in late January 2020.

The seminar was originally a six-hour course jammed to teach the understanding of Bitcoin, blockchain, and trading techniques. 

The participants of the recent class were however made to go through a trading course that ran for over 6 weeks. The count began from January to March 2021 and would be concluded with a demo presentation where five developers will be given a platform to exhibit their applications and other creations. 

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