12 Year Old Earns big From Sale of his NFT Collection

While many grownups could be grappling with how the non-fungible token (NFT) space works, a 12-year old boy has made 80 units of the second largest crypto asset by market cap after selling his collections recently.

The boy, Benyamin Ahmed, is the brain behind “Weird Whales” NFT collection. Weird Whales is an Ethereum-powered NFT collection that consists of 3350 whales that “have been programmatically generated from an ocean of combinations, each with unique characteristics and different traits.

On how Weird Whales came to life, Ahmed noted that he was able to get the help of his father who aided his collaboration with the Boring Bananas NFT project. Upon going live, his collection went viral and in little time got him 80 ETH which is roughly $160,000.

Ahmed went on to state that apart from the sales of the collections, he was also earning via royalties. In his words, “I’ve also made some money from royalties on OpenSea. Whenever someone buys a whale, I get 2.5% of the amount of money it sold for.”

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