About 14% of US Population Hold Cryptocurrencies – Gemini Crypto Report

A survey conducted by Gemini reveals that approximately 21.2 million adults in the United States own cryptocurrency. This amounts to about 14% of the entire population of the citizens of the US.

The survey was carried out late last year and the views of about 3000 adults in the US were recorded. The data obtained from all these citizens indicates that cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin are more popular than ever before.

The goal of the survey was to identify the number of active crypto users, the percentage of curious individuals as well as those with a basic knowledge of cryptocurrencies.

More than half of the individuals questioned acknowledge that they were curious about cryptocurrencies and will like to know more. More of the crypto-curious individuals were women.

Statistics of The Gemini Survey

The data from Gemini reveals that 53% of those who wanted to know more were women while the remaining 47% were men. The average age of individuals in this category was 44. On the other hand, the average age of current holders of cryptocurrencies was 38.

The knowledge of crypto assets among the respondents varied. As expected, more individuals knew about Bitcoin than any other cryptocurrency. 95% of those who knew about cryptocurrencies said they were aware of Bitcoin.

Ethereum on the other hand was known by 38% of the respondents. Bitcoin cash was the next most popular with its awareness level at 24%. Litecoin gained the attention of 16% of the respondents and only 11% of the respondents knew Tether.

Other cryptocurrencies that were known by the respondents of the survey include; Ripple, Binance Coin, Cardano, Polkadot, and Chainlink. However, each of these coins was only known by less than 10% of the participants of the survey.

Compared to the last year, Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies have become way more popular. Thanks to the recent bullish rally in the crypto market and the support gained from large institutions.

It is expected that in the next few years, crypto will be familiar to a majority of the population in the US and the rest of the world.

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