1,800 Coinflip ATMs to Support Dogecoin now

It seems the meme coin is no longer a joke. Due to the increasing popularity and the recent price spikes Dogecoin has witnessed, Coinflip has now announced that it is enabling support for the crypto asset in 1800 ATMs across 45 states in the United States. Daniel Polotsky, the CEO and co-founder of the company made this known while referencing the growth the coin has witnessed this year.

Dogecoin Incredible Rise

Dogecoin had witnessed an astronomical rise in its popularity and its price as it leveraged on the attention being given to it by the second richest man in the world, Elon Musk, and the general bull run of the crypto industry.

After Robinhood’s action on the GameStop stock, one of the beneficiaries was Dogecoin as many investors took a plunge into the coin pushing it into new all-time highs and also into the top 10 ranking of crypto assets by market cap flipping tokens like XRP and the rest on its way up. While the price of the asset has since corrected, there is no denying that the asset has made enormous gains within the short period.

Musk has said his intention is to make the meme coin the currency of the internet and this can only be achieved through mass adoption and accessibility. Already, some institutions have begun to accept the crypto token as a viable means of payment for their services and products.

In other news, Coinflip has seen a massive growth in demand for its ATM. Between January, 2020 and now, the crypto ATM company has seen its machines grow from 441 to 1800. The firm has also more than tripled its revenue within that period and its machines provide support for BTC, ETH, BNB, DASH, LTC, LINK, USDC, and XLM.

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