37 BTCs Spent on Used Honda Cars now Regretted by Youtuber

With Bitcoin currently breaking all barriers and charting new heights, a crypto enthusiast has been left to rue his mistake of using a large bunch of the leading crypto asset to purchase two used Honda sports cars. This was made known through a YouTube video titled “Idiot Spends $1.8 Million of Bitcoin on Old Hondas,” which means he had spent 37 units of the crypto king to purchase the cars.

The enthusiast, known on social media as NSXTRA, first bought a Honda NXS Targa on Valentine’s Day in 2017 for $30,500 which he paid for in BTC. At that time, he believed he had gotten a great deal, labeling his acquisition a “steal.”

Around that period, the value of the asset was just around a thousand dollar, meaning the car cost him around 30 BTCs. To compare that to the current value of the digital asset today, it means he had bought the car for almost $1.5M.

He went on to add that he also purchased another Honda on a Black Friday in 2018 when Bitcoin was trading for $4,300. That amount of Bitcoin would have been worth $293,000 today.

According to NSXTRA, he was unbothered about making his payments in BTC back then, but the realization of what the asset is worth today makes him realizes how much he has lost and “pretty depressed.”

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