AAX Reserves $10 Million to Support the Solana Ecosystem

Once again, it is good news for Solana as its blockchain project receives massive support from AAX, a deep-liquidity and exchange platform. AAX desires to promote the adoption of Solana and its products and has reserved $10 million for this cause. The support also branched into the listing of several projects from the Solana network on the AAX exchange. 

AAX does not hide its advocacy to the Solana ecosystem. Aside from SOL, other projects like Serum (SRM), Step Finance (STEP), and Audius (AUDIO) have been listed on the exchange platform. The most liquid of them is scheduled to be listed on the futures contract of AAX. 

The AAX platform does not halt here, it would also offer high-interest savings packages as a reward for staking in Solana projects. Remarkably, Solana users would enjoy zero trading fees if SOL transactions are run on the AAX exchange. During bi-weekly campaigns, the AAX exchange would grant users to purchase SOL and its tokens for a 50 percent discount. 

Why Solana? 

The impressive heights of AAX’s backing of Solana beg the question “why Solana?”. The reason for this might not be farfetched as Solana does have a lot of solid developments in-store and in implementation. These developments make up the reason AAX was inspired to take up support for the crypto asset. 

Solana is often referred to as the “Ethereum Killer”. The cryptocurrency prides itself on its scalability which is as fast as a single node. Its blockchain is very suitable for DeFi and advanced trades and this has led developers to build their projects on its blockchain. 

AAX experienced meteoric growth in 2021 as active users swelled by 20X. Its remarkable rise is leading it to adopt promising projects like Solana that would encourage the use of the platform as well as the network. 

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