America’s Oldest Wine Maker Acker Starts Accepting Crypto Coins

Acker, the famous American wine seller, announced that it now accepts cryptocurrencies at its retail stores and auctions across the country. Per the company’s statement, it will now accept some of the prominent cryptocurrencies in the world, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash.

Since the pandemic hit numerous businesses globally, many firms are now turning their attention towards adopting the use of new digital assets. Acker, one of the oldest wine sellers in the United States, became the latest major retailer to accept digital tokens. Not long ago, the company’s chairman, John Kapon, said,

As the world becomes more and more digital, which was certainly accelerated by the pandemic, cryptocurrency will become more and more important in everyday lives.

He further noted that most of their bottles cost nearly $1,000, arguing that the crypto-assets and their sales would make a perfect match. The company further revealed that it would be using the prominent crypto payment processor BitPay. 

Like most liquor-related businesses, almost all of its shops are closed, prompting the revenues to go down. However, it has mostly relied on its online platform, which has a global customer following. Acker, established in the 1820s, has pretty influential clients worldwide and expects to broaden its crypto payment methods in the future.

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