Akon to Build Techno-city in Uganda

Famous singer Akon who is well-known for his upcoming smart city in Senegal, is expanding his horizons. The artiste is reportedly planning to build another techno city in Uganda and has been allocated land by the Ugandan government. 

In a report by NBS, a Ugandan television network, the government has finalized the allocation of land for the project. It is reported that the city will sit on a square mile, meaning it will be roughly half the size of London (Not greater London).

This is quite a big deal considering the size and scope of his other project. Akon’s smart city project in Senegal is worth about $6 billion and sits on 3.12 square miles of land. The most interesting bit is that both cities will be powered by his cryptocurrency named Akoin.

While being interviewed on the Ugandan project’s funding, Akon stated that he was sure that Ugandans would find the means to afford living in the city stating that all he needed to do was to build it first. He added that people get motivated to take advantage of it whenever an opportunity is created, leading to success.

However, he has not come clear on the actual cost of the project. He only stated that the use of cryptocurrency in the city would serve to draw in investors. Akon also gave a 2036 timeline for the completion of the project. Aside from the cities that he is building, Akon’s cryptocurrency has been gaining traction all across Africa. It can now be traded on debit cards accepted by merchants globally.

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