Amazon Comes Up With Solution to Help Chia Miners

As the interest around Chia cryptocurrency grows, prompting hardware shortages, the American tech giant Amazon has come up with solutions to the mining issues on its AWS cloud. As per the statement issued on its Chinese website, the company said that those interested in XCH mining could deploy cloud storage in just five minutes.

Besides that, the company also provided a video tutorial on how to use its AWS cloud to create a crypto wallet on the Chia network, create a plot, and start mining the new crypto token. Interestingly, it appears that the camping and services are for Chinese residents as it is only simplified in the local language.

Although the motivation behind Amazon launching its services remains unclear, the move suggests a growing interest in the Chia currency as the Chinese investors continue to pump large sums into the network.

It comes a month after several media outlets reported growing prices of the software and hardware equipment needed for mining in China by as much as one hundred percent. Reportedly, there are plenty of hardware supplies, but some sellers are hoarding the stock during a surge in demand.

Chia, China’s popular crypto token, was founded back in 2017, and unlike the BTC’s proof-of-work mechanism, it uses hard drives as computing power. Hence, the interest around the tokens and their mining.

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