Amazon’s New CEO has History With Blockchain Technology

After building Amazon into one of the most recognized brands on earth, Jeff Bezos, the firm’s founder and CEO, has decided to step down for Andy Jassy, the CEO of Amazon Web Services (AWS), in the third quarter of this year. This was made known through a letter addressed to the employees of the company.

The news comes as a positive for the crypto community as Jassy in his capacity as the CEO of AWS supervised the delivery of Amazon’s crypto related product offerings. The new CEO has a history with blockchain technology and has previously indicated interest in exploring what the new technology could offer. In 2017, Jassy had explored how blockchain tech could be applied to the business of Amazon.

Then, he was quoted to have said that he doubted if blockchain was going to serve as more than a distributed ledger but he however left the doors open to the tech when he also spoke of his team’s interest in checking out what it could offer. What was holding them back then was the fact that the company policy forbade them from building with the new “technology because they felt it was cool.”

Regardless of this, he still went on to supervise a mini-blockchain offering for the world’s third-most valuable company by market capitalization. Amazon Quantum Ledger Database and Amazon Managed Blockchain, were developed under his watch, but both maintained a centralized database that included cryptographic qualities.

Coinbase had fingered Amazon’s AWS product as being responsible for one of its service interruptions. According to the crypto firm, AWS experienced an outage which affected the operations of the crypto firm too. 

Jassy enjoys the support of Bezos who says he will make an “outstanding leader.” Members of the crypto community would be keen to see if Amazon fully embraces crypto and blockchain technology.

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