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American Footballer Patrick Mahomes’ NFT Collection Sold For $3.7 Million

As the NFT space continues to gather pace, the next sale comes from an American Football Quarterback player, Patrick Mahomes. In the NFT sales, he raked in $3.7 million from his NFT collection that was auctioned on MakersPlace. Mahomes had earlier promised to donate part of the profits to his foundation and the Boys and Girls Clubs in Missouri.

Mahomes’ NFT Collection Rakes in Millions

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital assets that underpin a particular work of art. In a word, they are like a certificate of authenticity claiming that the holder owns the original edition of the work. However, they are unique and non-exchangeable but can be traded.

Earlier this week, Patrick Mahomes, a top star in the NFL, made moves to rollout his own NFT art collection. A couple of days back, he announced the “Museum of Mahomes” which he proposed to auction on the digital marketplace “MakersPlace.” Mahomes said that he is drawn to the fast growth of blockchain auctions.

Mahomes’ NFT Collection Sales Becomes the Second in NFL

The bidding was on for some days before the final bid came in late on Friday, March 19. The digital portrait, containing a signed Mahomes jersey and helmet, was sold for a whopping $3.7 million. However, he has become the second pro athlete to take a plunge into the NFT world after Rob Grownkowski, another NFL star.

NFTs are the latest mania in the crypto world as the space garners more mainstream attention. It presents an avenue for the secure sales of digital artworks. On March 11, Beeple, a digital artist sold his artwork for $69.3 million on Christie’s online auction.

Beeple NFT is the third-priciest art sales from a living artist, therefore, the frenzy around the space is understandable. However, the current craze in the space has brought concerns for art collectors and artists. One major fear is that most NFT sales have no legal backup and there is a chance that the artworks could be hacked.


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