Auctioned BTC

Another Auctioned BTC Sold Above Market Price

Just yesterday, we reported the case of an anonymous bidder who paid 5x the value of Bitcoin in a French auction to own 0.11 unit of the leading cryptocurrency. There is now another case of an auctioned BTC sales, this time in the United States, where the bidder has paid above the market rate for the digital asset too.

The US General Services Administration (GSA) sold off a total of 0.7501 BTC for $53,104 which is approximately $9,000 more than the market price of the unit he bade for. According to market data, the auctioned unit of the coin should sell for around $44,000.

In all, 31 people were involved in the auctioned BTC sales that started on the 15th of March and was concluded on 17th of this month in Atlanta, Georgia.

The winner is required to make payment for the asset on or before March 19. Paperworks showing personal details as well as a “Forfeited Property Sales Certification Form,” would be submitted to the authorities as evidence that they were not the initial owners of the auctioned BTC.

Recall that TheDechained had earlier reported that the US authorities were planning to auction a wide array of assets – airplanes, steel plates, scientific equipment, assorted tile, heavy machinery and a huge cache of Bitcoin.

Recently, the price of Bitcoin has experienced some mixed fortunes. It rose to a new ATH of above $60,000 this week before slumping below $55,000. Presently, the asset is trading around $59,000.

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