AP Partners Chainlink for News Verification

Blockchain technology has been able to find its way into several sectors by its potentials. The Associated Press (AP) is one of the latest that blockchain technology has convinced, as it partnered with Chainlink to tap from its potentials for news verification.

According to press release issued by AP, it would be using a Chainlink oracle node that would verify available data such as business financial information, economic data, race calls, and sport game outcomes from notable broadcaster members.

It continued that the smart contract developers would be aware of this as soon as the Chainlink node goes live. Its activities would span across providing information about upcoming elections and catering to artists working on NFTs.

While Speaking on the latest development, AP director of blockchain and data licensing Dwayne Desaulniers said: “Chainlink technology is the ideal way to provide smart contract developers anywhere in the world with direct, on-demand access to AP’s trusted economic, sports, and race call data.”

The director noted that the partnership between the companies would make AP achieve information compatibility with other blockchains. Additionally, the platform’s content would remain publicly accessible, safe, secure and verified. According to AP, the rationale behind the blockchain new verification is “trust-based.”

The new partnership between both parties is testament to how blockchain technology can be applied in other human endeavors.

While commenting on the development, the managing director at Chainlink Labs, William Herkelrath, described AP as the “most trusted independent news organizations.” According to him, going by the news agency’s large resource base and data repository, the partnership is well-deserving for AP, and Chainlink, based on its proven capacity in blockchain technology.

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