Apple is Looking to Hire Someone With Crypto Experience

Apple is the latest major corporation that seems to be eyeing a piece of the crypto pie. The big tech giant is hiring, and it is looking for someone with crypto experience.

The company’s wallets team recently posted a job advert for a business development manager. One of the requirements is that the person should have experience in crypto and other alternative payment methods.

The job advert noted that the qualified candidate must have worked at least 5-years in an environment where they dealt with crypto and digital wallets. The ad further pointed out that the person who lands the job will come up with new fintech products.

The move by Apple is nothing new, though. The company has been working on crypto-related products for a while now. For instance, the company’s wallet is integrated with Simplex. This allows anyone using Apple Pay to buy ADA directly in fiat.

Still, the move by Apple to seek out a person with crypto experience is causing excitement in the crypto space. That’s mainly due to the company’s massive user base. Apple Pay has over 65 million users, and that number is growing.

The company also seems to be quite open to the possibility of new and exciting ideas coming out of crypto. It noted that new ideas usually turn into products that people cannot live without.

For now, no one knows what Apple is looking to do in the crypto space. However, speculation is high that it is something huge and positive development for the market. 

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