Argentina’s Lawmaker Proposes Crypto Salary Payments

In another indication that digital assets like Bitcoin have gained a wider range of acceptance and adoption by the general public, an Argentine legislator, José Luis Ramón, has introduced a new bill that would allow workers in the country receive their salary in the leading digital asset or others.

This bill, however, is only applicable to workers in certain sectors of the country’s economy. Only workers in a “dependency relationship” and those who offer services can receive their salaries in the coin.

According to Ramon, the bill was being presented to the authorities as a way to “strengthen their autonomy and conserve the purchasing power of their remuneration.” He went on to add that paying salaries in crypto would allow workers to have a “greater autonomy and governance of wages, without loss of rights or exposure to situations of abuse.”

The new bill would also give these workers the liberty to choose the crypto asset they wish to be paid in. Workers could choose to be paid in Pesos or they could choose to be paid directly in crypto.

Interestingly, the country is not the only one in the region who is thinking of adopting crypto as a payment option for salaries. Already, El Salvador has adopted Bitcoin as a legal tender and other countries like Mexico and a number of others have begun the process of infusing digital assets into their country’s economy.

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