Dutch Soccer Club AZ Alkmaar Boards Crypto Train As It Accepts Payment In Bitcoin

Popular football club AZ Alkmaar is set to receive payment in BTC. This move comes after the club got into a partnership with the Dutch cryptocurrency provider- Bitcoin Meester. The partnership will see Bitcoin Meester support the club as its promoter and pay part of the sponsorship in bitcoin.

This move makes the club the first in the country to operate with BTC. The club’s commercial director Michael Coster, while issuing a statement, stated that the move was as a result of the massive growth in the crypto market, which they found appealing and were interested in venturing into. Bitcoin Meester would help them navigate the crypto world as not everyone is familiar with it.

Bitcoin Meester CEO stated that the sports industry is an important market due to its huge fan base and that the clubs’ decision would help create awareness on cryptocurrencies among them.

The adoption of crypto has continued to rise in unconventional industries such as sports. In April this year, English Premiership club Southampton FC was set to receive performance bonuses in the form of bitcoin after getting into a sponsorship deal with Sportsbet.

Likewise, Manchester City launched tokens to reward its fans. FC Dynamo Kyiv, a popular soccer team in Ukraine, also launched NFT tickets for their 2021 season.

Other sporting activities aside from soccer have not been left behind in the adoption of digital currencies. Famous NFL player Russel Okung was set to receive 50 percent of his pay in BTC. America’s Sacramento Kings similarly had plans underway to pay its players in digital assets.

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