Baillie Gifford Invests $100 million in

Baillie Gifford has invested $100 million in This big news came on Wednesday directly from the co-founder of

Peter Smith affirmed that $100 million of its $300 million funding which was raised last month came from Baillie Gifford.

He also mentioned that this multi-million dollar investment in marks the first investment made by the asset management company in a crypto-related firm.

The investment received by from the famous giant is the single largest investment it has ever received from a single investor in its history.

The recent investment in shows that it has the potential for explosive growth in the coming years.

Baillie Gifford is popularly known for its strategic early investments in tech companies with huge potential. One of such investments that prove that true is the Tesla investment.

At the moment, Baillie Gifford has gained billions of dollars from its early investment in some well-known tech giants. Companies like Moderna, and Alibaba have reportedly raised an aggregate sum of $28 billion for the firm. Its investment in Tesla takes a bulk of this sum, at a current valuation of $16 million.

Google, Amazon, and Airbnb have also received financial investments from the investment firm. The giant investment company currently boasts of a whooping sum of $445 billion in assets.

Investors Interest in Blockchain on The Rise

In recent times, there has been increasing interest in crypto companies from investors. A lot of individual investors and firms have successfully raised funds for solid blockchain projects.

U.K-based is reportedly one of the biggest fundraisers in the crypto space this year. In the last two months, the company successfully raised an aggregate sum of $420 million.

The volume of money raised by the U.K based effectively increased the company’s valuation. The company is currently valued at $5.2 billion. This is much more than its valuation prior to the funding.

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