Bakkt Launches Digital Wallet

Bakkt, burgeoning crypto platform, has announced the launch of a retail e-wallet app that is designed to handle digital currency transactions, online purchases and other financial services at consumer level.

According to the statement released by the firm, its new app is designed to help its customers gain easy access and exposure to cryptocurrencies. In the words of the crypto company the app “is designed to amplify consumer spending, reduce payment costs, and bolster merchant loyalty programs.” The firm’s CEO, Gavin Michael went on to add that “we are thrilled to bring the Bakkt App to the public as a step along our journey to expand digital asset access to all.”

The e-Wallet was worked on for several years and has been tested by over 500,000 users. The application is already available for download on Apple App Store and Google Play store. Bakkt has also set eyes on gaining around 9 million customers and increasing its revenue to up to $500 million by next year.

The budding crypto firm recently went public on the New York Stock Exchange after merging with VPC Impact Acquisition Holdings. Already, it enjoys the support of firms like Starbucks, Best Buy, GolfNow, and Choice Hotels.

The Atlanta-based company is a regularized platform where traditional investors and financial institutions can carry out crypto-related transactions with little risk.

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