Beeple’s Digital Artwork Sold for $6.6 million

A digital artwork by Beeple has just been bought for a record making fee of $6.6 million on popular non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, Nifty Gateway earlier today. This was confirmed by a tweet from the Gemini owned digital platform where they tweeted “history has just been made.”

The artwork shows what appears to be a gigantic Donald Trump, former President of the United States, lying face down in the grass and covered with different graffiti. 

Nifty Gateway brokered the sales between the parties and also disclosed that the buyer wishes to remain anonymous for now. The previous owner of the artwork, Pablo, who has over 1000 digital artworks in his portfolio has been able to bank an enormous amount of profit through this sale. 

Generally, NFTs have seen wider adoption by the general public who are beginning to actively participate in its market. The industry recently saw transactions shoot past the $250 million mark.

This record making sale is not the first digital artwork Beeple has been able to successfully sell for millions of dollars. Beeple has enjoyed remarkable success in the digital artwork space as he has sold some of his previous works for almost $8 million. Another of his works is expected to be auctioned by Christie, a leading 250-year-old auction house in the United Kingdom.

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