Beeple’s Ultra Rare NFT Hits Market at $7, Fetches Six Figures Hours Later

Popular digital artist Beeple, renowned for his digital artworks that fetched dozens of millions in NFT sales, put two of his pieces on the marketplace for a surprising $7 each this weekend. Two lucky buyers were able to reap big because of the super-low buying prices. The artist organized a raffle for interested buyers to enter in order to be eligible for buying the valuable works.

Beeple launched his first raffle on Wednesday, March 24th, allowing it to run for 30 minutes. Within the short time frame, more than 16,000 people entered the raffle, clamoring to get ahold of the extremely valuable digital arts. The second raffle took place on Saturday the same week.

Both pieces were drawn from Beeple’s “Everyday” artworks – in a series that has seen him produce an art a day for 13 straight years. Winners in both raffles were given 24 hours to settle the $7 needed to own the pieces.

Once the sales closed, prices for both non-fungible-tokens soared. One of the pieces, called “Illuminated Path,” went under the hammer for $267,000 – a price that was settled for 158 ETH.

The other winner also received eye-watering offers. The winner, who goes under the moniker “Corrosive,” said that he got a private bid of $350,000. While he did not sell his piece, he reported that he would be tempted to sell it out if anyone else can offer a bid higher than that, saying that he has never had anything like this happen to him.

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