The Biggest-Ever Bitcoin Conference to Hold in Miami

The Bitcoin 2021 Conference is scheduled to be held in Wynwood’s Mana Convention Center in the beautiful city of Miami, on June 3rd and the 5th. The event was earlier planned to be hosted in Los Angeles on the 30th of April until the 1st of May, however the distribution of Covid vaccines and a recent wave of the deadly pandemic caused a change in the date and venue. 

Crypto conferences have kicked off again after a long break triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. The event will pull in notable speakers from diverse backgrounds including politicians, celebrities, Bitcoin investors and regulators. The event that couldn’t be held in 2020 due to the pandemic will contain an estimated 21,000 persons; over 12,000 attendees are already confirmed. The Bitcoin Conference will be the biggest so far. 

Why Miami was Chosen and Some Expected Speakers

The Bitcoin 2021 organisers couldn’t continue the plan of hosting the event in Los Angeles as a result of hovering uncertainties within the post-Covid period. A better alternative was made and Miami happened to be the perfect choice. The reasons for choosing Miami are obvious, including the fact that the city’s mayor, Francis Suarez is a Bitcoin Enthusiast and approved the event, another reason could be due to the growing technological innovations in the city, blockchain and cryptocurrencies included too. 

The event is dedicated to educating the minds of the public and also to celebrate the biggest cryptocurrency in history and its innovation. Furthermore, some of the brightest minds in the industry will explain the utilities and advancement of BTC. The event will also offer insights on how to utilise the digital asset in real world settings. 

Some of the distinguished speakers are the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey, former congressman Ron Paul, the Mayor of Miami Francis Suarez, US Senator Cynthia Lummis, and the MicroStrategy boss Michael Saylor. Celebrities like Floyd May weather Jr, Max Kieser, Warren Davidson, and the Winklevoss twins will also be in attendance. 

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