Bill Gates Changes View on Bitcoin

Microsoft founder and co-founder of Gates Foundation, a philanthropist organization, Bill Gates, in a recent interview with CNBC said that he has taken a neutral view of Bitcoin, while at the same time, expressing his view that the future of money is now digital.

In Gates words, “I don’t own Bitcoin, I’m not short Bitcoin. So I’ve taken a neutral view.” He also went on to disclose that his foundation was already using some sort of digital currency in developing countries, though those assets are not cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

The fourth-richest person in the world compared these digital currencies to BTC when he says that they are not about tax avoidance or illegal activities. While pointing out that these currencies can be reversed and that they are transparent.

When questioned about the leading crypto asset, he highlighted how market speculations were able to drive the price of the asset up and down and added that he has no idea how it would fare in the future.

Notably, this is not the first time Gate has spoken about BTC. In 2018, the philanthropist held a very dim view of the crypto asset when he said that “It’s kind of a pure ‘greater fool theory’ type of investment,” adding that he would short the asset if he had his way.

The change in view of Gate is in line with that of other top notable public figures who have had to take a different stance towards the leading crypto asset in light of its performance in the market and adoption by the public.

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