Billionaire Nick Candy Would Accept Bitcoin Payment for Apartment

Real estate entrepreneur and billionaire Nick Candy has put up his two-storey penthouse for sale at £175 million ($240 million). However, the draw here is that Nick says he would accept Bitcoin as payment.

Nick Candy is a British real estate tycoon known for his background in luxury real estate. He co-founded a leading interior design company called Candy and Candy and also operates a multi-stage investment firm.

The flagship cryptocurrency recently posted new highs as the price rallied to an ATH of $64,863 on April 14. This also comes ahead of Coinbase’s listing on Nasdaq. As of this writing, the flagship cryptocurrency is trading at $62,932 after trading dropping from an intraday high of $63,854.

The heightening institutional adoption of Bitcoin is one major drive behind the recent rally of the cryptocurrency market. The primary cryptocurrency is already finding its way into the real estate space and could advance the industry.

Nick Candy is not the first real estate businessperson to show tap into the cryptocurrency space. On April 7, the California real estate behemoth Caruso announced that it would receive cryptocurrency as payment for its various properties.

Nick Candy to Accept Bitcoin Payment

Nick Candy is known to be an adept entrepreneur and investor and has always been looking beyond property investments. His investment fund, Candy Ventures, has been involved in a series of funding ranging from Fintech to augmented reality, health biotech, natural resources etc.

However, the company has consistently invested in technology. When was asked about his willingness to accept Bitcoin as payment for the penthouse apartment, he didn’t provide much detail. However, he responded that the crypto space has limitless opportunities.

Nick Candy’s penthouse overlooks London’s major park, Hyde Park and would be one of Britain’s most expensive apartment sales. His willingness to accept payment in cryptocurrency could also go a long way to help with Bitcoin’s adoption.

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