Binance Launches NFT Marketplace, Features Artworks From Warhol and Dali  

Binance debuted its NTF marketplace on June 24, 2021. Within the week, the exchange would host the historic launch tagged “Genesis” and would display the amazing arts of Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol. 

At the “Genesis” auction, the “mystery boxes” would be launched. The mystery box will offer the public a wide array of artworks from regional talents and is termed ‘the 100 creators campaign’. Trading will kick-start on the Binance NFT marketplace by 10 am E.T on Wednesday on the Binance Smartchain and even on Ethereum. 

The highly anticipated Premier launch would last for five days and would showcase Warhol’s “three self-portraits”. Andy Warhol is revered as a popular pop art figure and the artworks serve to celebrate him. Equally, the digital version of Salvador Dali’s “Divine Comedy”  a precursor to Renaissance literature. 

Divine Comedy features the Bitcoin logo, Binance logo, and a faint signature of Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao which is visible on the artwork if you zoom into it. 

What Binance Wants You to Know About the Novel NFT Marketplace 

The advent of an NFT marketplace on a renowned crypto-based platform like Binance fuels the surging potential of the innovation. Head of Binance NFT, Helen Hai remarked that the “Genesis NFT” would have a revolutionary effect on the cryptocurrency sphere and blockchain technology. 

Binance noted that the NFT marketplace affords you to buy, sell, trade, or collect any digital collectible. As expected, these transactions will incur fees relevant to the executed order. Furthermore, users are at liberty to upload their own NFTs on the platform and sell them.

The Non-Fungible Token ecosystem is no longer a sphere to be overlooked. The need for copyright on intellectual collectibles as well as the desire to keep them handy by digitizing them makes the sphere much more unique. Sports teams as well have to incorporate the industry and have made quite some good fortune out of it. 

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