Binance to Launch own NFT Trading Platform With 100 Creators

Binance has announced that its NFT-trading platform will go live on June 24, with 100 artists lined with various pieces under the “100 Creators” program. The program will bring together local and global creators with the aim of creating diverse views and perspectives.

Binance NFT will be Binance’s main marketplace for NFT, and digital collectables and content from the “100 Creators” program will be used as part of “Trading Market.” According to Head of Binance NFT Helen Hai, the “100 Creators” campaign was mainly created to empower and motivate innovative but regional creators and link them to NFT collectors and enthusiasts. 

Helping artists secure their work.

NFTs are digitized pieces of art and collectables listed on blockchain and represent digital items, audios, videos, photos, and other valuables.

NFTs are becoming popular as artists seek to take more control as well as monetize their works.

What will the Binance NFT marketplace offer?

According to Binance, its NFT promises users one of the best collection of content available as well as a refined user experience that mainly focuses on ease-of-use and reduced transaction fees.

The platform will allow creators and activists to liquidate their works and connect with the largest crypto communities. The marketplace will have multiple types of content, including sports, music, gaming, and visual arts.

Malaysian contemporary artist Red Hong Yi is one of the creators in the “100 Creators” campaign whose outstanding compositions were featured on the cover of TIME magazine. 

He summarised what users could expect, saying his first piece was inspired by the internet meme culture and is part of a series he has named “MemeBank”’. He noted that his listed NFT would be proof of ownership for the physical artwork.

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