BitClout Issued With a Cease-and-Desist Order

Decentralized protocol, BitClout, has received a cease and desist order from Brandon Curtis for using his name illegally to gain popularity. Curtis, who is the Chief Research Officer at Radar Relay tweeted that he had ordered his lawyers to issue the order to the embattled platform.

According to Curtis, he saw his name on the platform and called his legal counsel at Anderson Kill P.C. BitClout has received heavy criticism from the crypto community who have labeled it as a scam. The platform uses real money to speculate on famous personalities. Some names linked to the protocol include Elon Musk and Justin Sun.

BitClout Violated Californian Law

The alleged founder of the crypto firm, Nader Al Naji, was also issued with the cease and desist order. The accusation against the platform was that it was profiting from the unauthorized use of people’s profiles which was against the law of California.

According to the state’s law, it was illegal for anyone or company to knowingly use another person’s voice or name to solicit for business or sell products. While BitClout’s whitepaper read that the featured person could receive a small percentage of funds raised by the platform, Curtis believes that it was unauthorized.

The letter goes into details of how the use of Curtis’s name wasn’t an isolated case. The letter implies that other profiles on the platform could also have been used unlawfully.

If found guilty of the violation, BitClout and the founder may pay damages of upwards of $750 and any profit that may not have included in the actual damages.

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