Bitcoin and Ethereum at Consolidation Levels Following a Silent Weekend in the Crypto Market 

The top two leading digital assets Bitcoin and Ethereum have both defended their support levels over the weekend. Analysts believe that this could trigger a major move for both currencies and other altcoins as the market stabilizes. 

Bitcoin’s value is up and indicators are pointing towards more buying orders. However, Bitcoin slightly dived to the bears at the close of last week but pumped back again on Monday alongside numerous altcoins. Ethereum appears to be the lone asset on the top list that didn’t attain green levels compared to others. 

Bitcoin has failed to break above the $36k marker and currently holds a position at $33,823; a growth of 0.38 percent in 24 hours. 

Source: ByBit 

Binance Coin (BNB) is up by 2.17 percent at a value of $325.70. XRP went up by 2.43 percent while ADA and DOGE leveled at 0.410 and 0.263 percent respectively. Ethereum on the other hand took a negative turn at a slight 0.68 percent decline. On Coin Market Cap, its value sits at $2,111 at the time of this report. 

Bitcoin Flashes Obvious Buying Signals

The leading digital currency is looking to break forth into the $36k level as a major crypto market indicator tilts towards more purchases. 

Cryptoquant analyst Cole Garner assented to this possibility in his latest review. According to him, BTC is bullish as the 90-day exponential moving average is set to hit the launch zone. 

He reiterated that since 2019, a touch of the green box often precedes a bull run. The last such touch was in October 2020. Garner indicates that BTC “is almost there”. 

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