Bitcoin ATMs: Close to 15,000 Installed Worldwide

We have seen the growth of Bitcoin adoption in recent times as more people now use the crypto assets to perform transactions because of its speed, security and the cheap transaction fees. This can be seen in the number of Bitcoin ATMs that have been on the increase in recent years. 

According to Coin ATM Radar, the numbers of Bitcoin ATMs that have been installed across the globe is now as much as 15,000. The United States of America leads the pack with over 10,000 ATMs installed in the country, with its closest challenger, Canada, having just over a thousand Bitcoin ATMs installed.

Canada is the first country to install a cryptocurrency ATM. Since then, the United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, Switzerland and others have also had a fair share of their own Bitcoin ATM. Most of these machines support Bitcoin and some altcoins like Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

Despite being in just the second month of this year, we have witnessed the installations of over 1000 machines already. While in 2020, 7,494 ATMs were installed which means that we are inline to witness more installations of these ATMs across the globe.

Coin ATM Radar also reportedly said that the majority of activity that the machine is used for is the purchase of crypto assets. No doubt, these machines are playing an active role in furthering crypto adoption by allowing users to carry out crypto transactions via their platform.

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