Briefly up for Grab for $100 Million

The domain name has been listed for sale by GoDaddy. The domain is going for a hefty price tag of $100 million. This means anyone interested in the domain can bid for it at this price or higher. Lower bids cannot be accepted. However, there is contention as to whether the domain is up for sale or not.

In the latest updates, GoDaddy states that the domain is taken. The mixed signals are further enhanced by Namecheap, where the domain was originally registered in 2008. Namecheap states that the domain is not for sale, but it can track down the owner and make an offer. Besides, attempts to reach for comment by various media have not borne fruit.

If it is true and the domain sells for the amount in question, it would be one of the biggest deals of that kind in the crypto space. It would also dwarf the record of such a sale that was done by Block One and Microstrategy. The deal was for, which was bought by Block One for $30 million.

The high value of the domain, whether it’s up for sale or not, has huge implications for the crypto market. The first one is that Bitcoin as a brand is now highly valuable, and investors expect it to be worth even more in the future. With the crypto market edging closer to the $2 trillion mark, the searches for the name Bitcoin may keep rising. This could make the domain even more valuable in the long run.

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