Bitcoin “Creator” Files Lawsuit

Australian computer scientist, Craig Wright who claimed to be the creator of Bitcoin has filed a suit against 16 software developers in an attempt to secure 111,000 units of the the leading cryptocurrency.

Wright who filed the suit through his Tulip Trading Firm based in Seychelles has acclaimed himself to be the controversial Bitcoin creator with the mysterious pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto. He went further in his claims at his second lawsuit in London alleging that he had lost access to his encrypted keys after his home network was hacked in February 2020.

The claims which are aggressively disputed against the Britain-based scientist were brought against developers of the four networks – Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Core (BTC), and Bitcoin Cash ABC (ABC). 

Craig Wright has accused the developers in the recent lawsuit of a breach in the discharge of their duties to act in the interests of the creator and legitimate owner of the most popular digital asset. The case, however, was waved off by one defendant as “bogus” is currently being investigated by the police in a bid to fish out the unknown hackers.

Reactions to the Lawsuit as The Case Progresses 

Paul Ferguson in partnership with the law firm representing Wright has stated that the developers must ensure the recovery of the disputed digital assets if the legitimate ownership of their client is proven. 

However, another defendant, Peter Todd, denied that he and some other persons were not involved in the regular development of the network, further stressing that Wright had not proven his ownership and the cryptocurrency should not be subjected to “arbitrary seizure.”

“As this case shows if we allow people to get coins seized and reassigned by court order, that puts your coins at risk of being stolen by abuses of those fallible processes”, Todd stated in an email.

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