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Bitcoin Gift Card is Coming to Switzerland

Retailers in Switzerland have taken their crypto adoption to a new whole level. Reports have emerged that Bitcoin vouchers and gift cards can now be found in the country.

According to Tages-Anzeiger, the largest departmental store chain in Switzerland, Manor, currently sells Bitcoin coupons at over 50 of its branches. And on the other hand, leading retail outlet, Valora would begin to sell Bitcoin gift cards at its kiosks from April 1.

The Bitcoin gift cards named “Cryptonow” is powered by Värdex Suisse, which is one of the cryptocurrency firms in the European country. Interestingly, Värdex is an arm of leading Swiss crypto exchange Bitcoin Suisse.

Simon Grylk, who is the head of operations at Värdex, said the vouchers and gift cards “offer a simple onboarding channel for would-be cryptocurrency adopters daunted by the usual avenues for acquiring virtual currency.” The crypto voucher card would be available in three different prices ranging from $107 to $535. 

Users would be able to redeem their vouchers through either a crypto exchange or by selling the amount loaded on the Bitcoin gift card using any of the digital asset ATMs powered by Värdex.

Switzerland has seen a growing interest in Bitcoin and the crypto industry generally with the top 50 companies in the sector recording growth of almost 700% since last year. The new innovation is a way of driving the adoption and acceptance of BTC to the wider public. 

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