Bitcoin is the Best Performing Asset Class in the Last Ten Years

Over the years, Bitcoin has proved itself as a reliable asset even with the successive highs and lows. When the crypto asset started back in 2009, there were a lot of naysayers and unbelievers who thought it was just a bubble. However, many have joined the cryptocurrency bandwagon after experiencing firsthand how it could positively impact the future.

Bitcoin Recognized as the Best Performing Asset

BTC has come a long way since its introduction many years ago by the famous Satoshi Nakamoto. According to Charlie Bilello, Compound Capital Advisors CEO, Bitcoin is the best performing asset class in the last ten years. Over the decade, its performance is by far greater than any of the other assets including asset classes like NASDAQ 100.

The average annualized return of Bitcoin over the last ten years is 230.6%, which is 10x more than the value of the second-best performing asset, NASDAQ 100. Also, BTC outperformed the United States Dollars with an average annualized return of 0.5%.

There have been several arguments about Bitcoin replacing Gold as a store of value. Whatever the case,  its performance over the years has revealed that the asset is more than just a bubble. Within 2011 and 2021, the leading digital asset recorded losses in just two years which are 2014 and 2018.

Bitcoin Outperforms Other Asset Classes

The best year for Bitcoin was in 2013 when it had a return of 5507%. However, the best year for Gold was in 2020, when it recorded an annual yield of 24.8% and that of its digital counterpart was 301%. Over the 11-year timeframe, the cumulative return for BTC is 20037142% while that of NASDAQ 100 is 541.3%, Gold is 16.4% and USD is 4.8%.

The increasing interest of institutional investors in the crypto industry lately has caused the price to soar. This year alone, the price of BTC has increased by almost 10 times its value this time last year. With the current boost in price, there is no telling how high the returns will be in the future.

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