Under Massive DDoS Attack, Says Cobra

In a surprising development, Cobra, owner of, revealed in a statement that their platform is currently under a massive, disturbing denial-of-service attack (DDoS). 

Not only that, but the famous crypto developer claimed that the attackers have said that they won’t stop until they get the ransom amount. While referring to the latest DDoS attack, Cobra said,

Back in the day you could put up a reasonable fight against most DDoS attacks, now they are just down you at will. There is no ‘fight’ anymore, you go down and stay down until they leave you alone.

An Unusual Attack

Even though DDoS attackers have targeted many other crypto exchanges, experts suggest that the attack on Bitcoin-org is unusual as it holds no information on the funds or users, primarily because it is an open-source website.

Besides that, it is the second time that the website has come under such an attack. Previously in December, the attack resulted in thousands of users unable to access the website’s core software.

On the other hand, many other prominent exchanges, including, Bitfinix, Binance, and OKEx, came under a DDoS attack. But Binance’s head claimed that the industry competitors launched the attack on its website to harm its reputation as the world’s largest trading platform.

This comes a month after Cobra lost a copyright infringement case in London’s high court against Satoshi Craig Wright, following a default judgment. Given that the owner of did not want to reveal his identity, he decided not to defend himself in the court trial. For the same reasons, he did not even hire a lawyer.

At the time, Cobra said, “I didn’t show up because defending against nonsense is a waste of time.” As a result of the judgment, the website had to remove the BTC white paper and block access to the UK’s IP address to its core software.

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