Commercial Space Company Plans to Transport BTC to the Moon

The leading cryptocurrency will be shooting off earth into space in the fourth quarter of 2021. The moon mission is anchored by a commercial space company in the United States. The Bitcoin would be ferried to the Moon in a hardware wallet. 

Pittsburgh’s Astrobotic Technology, the space firm behind the mission, made the announcement on Friday in Miami. This was during the 2021 Bitcoin Conference where thousands gathered to extol the cryptocurrency. As the result of a deal between the space company and BitMEX, a single BTC will be used for the mission. 

The space company reached a contract with NASA through its commercial Lunar Payload services. The aim is to send the Peregrine lander to the Moon. The anticipated space mission has been in arrangement for some years. It is set to ferry more than 12 commercial Payloads and 14 NASA Payloads into space.

Astrobotic Technology is a private enterprise focused on the development of space robotics for Lunar missions. Astrobotic also has another mission for NASA in 2023. NASA will pay the space company $199.5 to carry the Viper rover to the Lunar surface.

Moon Mission Details

According to the website dedicated to the highly anticipated mission, it has been revealed that the launch would take place in November this year. “The coin will be a registered payload on the Peregrine-1 manifest, and will remain in situ on the Moon’s surface until any enterprising soul goes to collect it. It will have a public vanity address allowing anyone interested to witness its redemption or add some Sats if you’re feeling generous.”

The CEO John Thornton, made an appearance on Lifestream asserting that Bitcoin would definitely be going to the Moon. He expressed happiness at the proposed mission, mentioning their readiness for it. 


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