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Bitcoin Vs Gold: Michael Saylor Takes on Frank Giustra in a Debate

On March 31, Frank Giustra, CEO of Fiore Group, challenged Michael Saylor to a public debate on gold and Bitcoin. Although Giustra said that he is not a “Bitcoin hater”, he revealed that the purpose of the debate is to clarify some claims made by the Microstrategy CEO. He continued that he’d love to explore some of the public claims made by Saylor concerning gold and Bitcoin.

Michael is a known voice in the crypto industry and has not kept secret his support for Bitcoin. His company, MicroStrategy, first purchased Bitcoin worth $250 million in August 2020. Since then, Michael has continued to expand the firm’s exposure to Bitcoin.

In his recent tweet, he revealed that his allegiance to Bitcoin “is forever”. Michael has continued to promote the adoption of Bitcoin while also pitching the flagship cryptocurrency to other institutions. Following the first purchase by MicroStrategy, Saylor made Bitcoin the company’s treasury reserve.

Michael Saylor Accepts Challenge

Today, Michael Saylor has taken up the gauntlet to debate Frank Giustra on Bitcoin and gold. Frank has always been a gold proponent after building his entire career around gold and the metal industry. Although the two sides are yet to meet in person, Michael revealed today that he has accepted the challenge.

The crypto community has expressed enthusiasm over the debate with many predicting an easy win for Saylor. In his recent tweet, Michael Saylor brought up a chart featuring the 10-year compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) for Bitcoin and other leading assets. From the chart, Bitcoin enormously outperformed the other assets.

Even though Frank has asserted that he is not a Bitcoin critic, this could be a good show for Bitcoin enthusiasts. Also, if Saylor should win, it could add more credence to the primary cryptocurrency and also expand its adoption.

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