Bitcoin Will Always be the Gold – Kevin O’Leary

Popular Shark Tank investor, Kevin O’Leary says “Bitcoin will always be the gold”. On Wednesday, while he was interviewed by CNBC, he made his view on the world’s leading cryptocurrency known.

While some crypto experts have speculated that Ethereum, the second leading crypto in terms of the market cap will one day overtake Bitcoin, the Canadian businessman has an entirely different view. He strongly believes that BTC will always be number one. Rather than speculating a switch of sides between the assets, he affirmed that Ethereum will always be silver.

Bitcoin vs Ethereum in the Past Month

Bitcoin currently takes 49% of the entire crypto market cap while Ether has a market cap of about 15% of the entire crypto market. In the last month, the value of Ethereum has seen a better increase ratio.

ETH closed last month with a 47% increase while Bitcoin closed the last month with a 2.3% decrease. The relatively better performance of Ether must have fueled the speculations that the asset could surpass the more popular coin in the long run.

Kevin O’Leary’s View on Bitcoin and Ethereum

Kevin O’Leary however sees both cryptocurrencies from another perspective. While he acknowledged Ethereum’s performance in the last few weeks, he cited the interest and attention that the digital gold has gained from large institutional investors as a massive indicator of BTC’s success in the long run. He also pointed to the fact that prior to the month of April, in the year 2021, the leading crypto asset consistently hit new highs and performed beyond expectations.

The multi-millionaire praised some of the use-cases of Ether, like its usefulness as a payment system and the foundation of its blockchain which makes tracking possible. He also acknowledged that the launching of Ethereum 2.0 will be a massive boost for Ethereum, but still strongly believes that it will remain behind BTC in the crypto power ranks.

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