BitMEX Announces Grant Extension for Korean Bitcoin Developer Calvin Kim

In its latest announcement, BitMEX announced that the company had decided to renew the Korean developer Calvin Kim’s grant of $100,000. Besides that, the firm also announced its partnership with the Human Rights Council, which also granted $50,000 to Kim for improving the scalability of the world’s most popular crypto token BTC.

The company confirmed the news in a blog post on its website and highlighted that the extension is until June next year. It comes after the Korean developer received nearly $30K last year.

Calvin, who works for the Utreexo project, has developed a sequence to store the unspent Bitcoins and record who holds what token. Alex Hoptner said,

We are delighted to extend our financial support for Calvin for another year. In particular we are pleased to support a Korean developer such as Calvin, as ensuring the geographic diversity of Bitcoin development is an important factor to consider.

The CEO also reaffirmed the support of his firm towards Bitcoin development saying that “the extension of the grant reflects BitMEX’s long term commitment to open source Bitcoin development.”

Over the recent months, the popular crypto exchange has provided grants and funds to numerous international developers to make the BTC a better currency, including Jeremy Rubin, Michael Ford, and Gleb Naumenko.

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