BitPay integrated into Apple Support

BitPay integrated into Apple Support

  • BTC has been added to Apple’s support
  • This development has been a model for other platforms to make these additions.
  • It improves buyer experience for the users and is a giant stride towards the world of Crypto dealings.

 If you have been following the trend, you will know that a world where cryptocurrency becomes a force to reckon with is drawing near. The market’s growth has been beyond extraordinary. Bitcoin has been the most volatile, being the giant of the crypto market. This has seen BitPay being integrated into different systems today as a mode of payment.

All kinds of companies have got involved with cryptocurrency transactions, gaining recognition in the financial world. Companies that never bat an eyelid for cryptocurrency are now at the forefront of crypto investments.

These have caused different platforms to integrate crypto as a mode of payment. BTC, for instance, has recently been incorporated as a payment method on apple platform support. This allows for transactions using BTC on its platform, making business and payments very fluid.

Apple and BitPay

Apple pay has taken a tremendous leap by integrating BTC payment into its transaction structure. The currency has been acquired more and the years, and you’d barely find any person who isn’t involved with Bitcoin. Integrating Bitpay into Apple support will create an atmosphere of trust for the cryptocurrency and aid its introduction to the users still ignorant of the crypto world.

This news has aided the rise in the cryptocurrency price as BTC rose to almost 50,000 dollars. The integration will see more transactions occur with BitPay, causing the coin’s price to increase even more with time.

This initiative has also opened up the pathway for other platforms like Google Play and Samsung Play to integrate these features into their platforms. Mastercard has also made it easy to acquire various cryptocurrencies by integrating BitPay into its transaction system.


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