Bitwise Launch Digital Assets Innovator ETF 

Bitwise, the world’s most famous digital assets index provider, revealed its plans to launch its ETF product. Although it is not the BTC ETF that most of the money market players have been jumping on, the new product aims to target the firms that work within the crypto or blockchain technology. Per the documents submitted to the American SEC,

Crypto Innovators” include parties that operate crypto-asset trading platforms, custodians, and wallets; financial services providers leveraging crypto-assets and/or blockchain technology, or other financial institutions principally servicing clientele involved in the crypto ecosystem; distributed ledger infrastructure and transaction validation services.

Bitwise’s ETF is like others out there that target a selective firm and a section of the market – the companies that are tied to the crypto market. It uses a methodology that segments the companies into two categories. The first one is the group of companies that generate more than seventy percent of their revenue from the digital assets market.

Meanwhile, the second category includes the firms or companies with specific initiatives dedicated to cryptocurrencies, albeit reported in the company’s annual or quarterly reports. Given the outstanding portfolio of Bitwise, experts are optimistic about the ETF and believe that it is likely to hit the target.

Although Bitwise’s ETF is not like the traditional BTC ones, many people suggest that if the American regulator approves it, it will make an interesting alternative for exposure to the booming crypto market.

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