BlockBank Partners SKAEL to Bring AI Advisory to Crypto Industry

BlockBank has signed an exclusive partnership deal with SKAEL to bring in artificial intelligence to the crypto ecosystem. SKAEL is a technology company that offers automation services to companies and businesses. It is based in California.

SKAEL has worked with many top companies to bring about hyper-automation. Its goal is to help organisations save time and produce efficient results within a short timeframe. At the moment, Google, Oracle, Asurion and many other significant enterprises utilise the services of SKAEL.

The collaboration between BlockBank and SKAEL intends to bring in a unique Artificial Intelligence model to the blockchain space. BlockBank wants to provide an outstanding AI product capable of solving some problems in the blockchain space.

The Role of the AI Advisory

Carrying out diligent research within a limited timeframe is one of the challenges many crypto folks experiences. The upcoming AI will have the ability to draw valuable and reliable information about products, services, tokens and a lot more for its users. All these will be done swiftly, thereby saving a lot of time that investors will ordinarily spend on research.

This bulk of duty requires the actions of a highly sophisticated computer. It will require several stages of deployment, with various features gradually being added with time. The AI will have the ability to process a huge amount of data into actionable insights.

The AI will also have the ability to manage investment portfolios and make trading and investing decisions that will benefit its users in the long run. These investment decisions will be accompanied by proper risk management. All these processes will be automated and will require little or no time from the user or consumer. However, this feature will only be useable if an exclusive license from relevant companies is granted.

Speaking about the partnership and how it will affect the blockchain space, the founder of SKAEL expressed his excitement in working with BlockBank while emphasising the need for both parties to target the result appropriately. This collaboration, with time, will prove to be highly beneficial for many in the crypto ecosystem.

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