Blockfolio’s Apologizes for Racist Messages Sent Through its Platform

Blockfolio, a crypto portfolio tracking app, has suffered a major hack in which its system began to display offensive racist content to its users. The hack led to the platform’s system sending out a series of messages that contained these offensive remarks last night. 

Not only that, some cryptocurrencies were also renamed with racist titles. Usually the Blockfolio communication feed is used to allow tokens to connect and engage with their community members. However, the feed was used to push out these offensive slurs yesterday.

The Blockfolio team was quick to apologize for this abuse, tweeting that it was “sorry about the offensive messages posted today.” The firm also added that their user funds were safe and that the compromised Signal submitter has seen its access revoked and the messages removed.

The CEO of the parent company, Sam Bankman-Fried, also tweeted that traders would be given $10 as a way of apologizing for the exposure to those unscrupulous messages. He added that “we are all responsible for our product and will be doing what we can to fix this” while also highlighting the fact that “no members of the Blockfolio team wanted this to happen.”

As of press time, the numbers of users that were exposed to the message remained unknown.

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