One Bored Ape NFT Sells for Over $2 Million

One of the Bored Apes from the Yacht Club collection, Bored Ape #8585, was sold at a record high at nearly 700 ETH on Tuesday. 

The said Bored Ape sold on Tuesday at 696.969 ETH, equivalent to $2.7 million at today’s market price. Additionally, the selling price marks the highest ever sold in the collection of Bored Apes.

Bored Ape NTF is among the several apes in the Yacht Club collection, created with different features such as expressions and outfits. They are rarer than others.

This sale of this Bored Ape adds to the list of several expensive Bored Apes that have seen sales in the last 20days. Although, it makes the record as the highest ever sold in the collection. Two other sales from the previous 20 days were above the $1 million mark. The two NFTs Apes are Bored Apes with trippy fur and a robot Ape with cyborg eyes.

Aside from the buyer’s purchase of Bored Ape #8585, they also made other NFTs purchases, including Fidenza for 200 ETH and two CryptoPunks bought for 155 ETH and 265 ETH. Fidenza is one of the Art Blocks Curated NFTs.

All the buyer’s NFT total purchases amount to $5 million. Around $1 million remains in their wallet.

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