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Brave Broswer Partners Unstoppable Domains to Make Web 3.0 a Reality

In a positive move for the crypto market, Unstoppable Domains has announced that it was partnering with Brave Browser. Through this partnership, the two will open up the world of user-controlled domain names. Such domains have several advantages, including sending data directly to cryptocurrency addresses. For context on how big of a deal this is, the ability to send crypto addresses will make it possible for users to send more than 70 cryptocurrencies. 

Commenting on this partnership, Unstoppable Domains stated that its mission was to onboard millions of people to the decentralized web. It added that the brave browser was the most strategic to bring the organization closer to achieving this goal. Unstoppable Domains foresees a future where Web3 dominates and everyone using the internet has full control over their content.

On their part, the Brave team stated that Unstoppable Domains was a perfect fit for the browser. He added that through the partnership, users would have easy access to web 3.0. The team further stated that users would have the opportunity to host NFT galleries, among many other features.

At the moment, there are around 300k web 3.0 websites and 700k of its domain names that users can search. 

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