Brex Customers to get Crypto Rewards

Brex, a startup that reimagines financial systems to help emerging firms achieve their full potential, has announced that its bonus points for cryptocurrency are now open to consumers. This is the first time a company has used cryptocurrency to compensate its employees. Brex points can be used for miles, gift cards, cash, or travel by using reward points for BTC and ETH.

Brex Rewards its Customers

In addition to receiving benefits from partners valued at more than $150.000, companies will receive up to 8x Brex points for every dollar spent on Brex rewards and exchange them for cash back, miles, gift cards, cryptocurrency, and flights.

“We are always collaborating on a world-class awards scheme to offer our customers just what they want to see,” said Sam Blond, Chief Sales Officer at Brex. With an increasing interest in digital assets in the treasury, this is a natural first step toward Brexit.”

From the launch of the rewards scheme in 2018, the company has been dedicated to providing its customers with an exclusive loyalty experience. Its belief that cryptocurrencies can have an important part in finance in the future is the most recent selection of crypto incentives.

TravelBank, Brex’s rewards affiliate, will encourage you to insert the number of points you choose to exchange for the cryptocurrency, which could then be submitted to a wallet like Luno. Brex delivers cryptocurrency redemption services and informs customers of cryptocurrency and whether it is the best way to redeem cryptocurrency incentives for business purposes.

Since leaving from the Y Combinator acceleration program in 2017, Brex has grown to over 600 employees and earned over $940 million in capital funding. Brex is all-in-one financing for growing companies. They assist companies in investing, conserving, and gaining smart stuff, as well as driving both dollars deeper – with more than a bank, a bibliography, or a reward scheme.

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