German Bundesliga and Sorare Signs new Partnership

German football league has become one of the latest sporting institutions to set its feet on the path of the burgeoning crypto niche NFT, as it recently signed a two-year partnership deal with Sorare a football-focused NFT platform, and another NFT collectibles platform, Topps.

With this partnership with Sorare, Bundesliga will be able to sell digital cards from Bundesliga. Starting from next year, the league’s partner, Sorare, would be publishing NFT videos from two German leagues.

Sorare is a football-centric NFT platform. It recently raised nearly $700 million in its Series B funding round through Softbank which brought the company’s valuation to $4 billion. The said fund was for its five-a-side NFT fantasy. On the platform, players can trade digital cards, which are the NFTs, using ETH.

The Bundesliga international also partnered with an NFT collectible platform, called Topps, which will release digital NFT cards of superstars from the league, and plays with audio commentary for the rest of the current league season.

Also with this partnership with Topps, the platform will release packs of NFT for different match days. Out of the packs, one will be a video card. Also, there will be Club Pennant NFT cards for all teams in the league, and such NFT will feature the moment when captains exchange pennants at the start of a football game. These cards would be in the category.

So far, the most expensive card ever sold on the Sorare platform was that of Manchester United Sports Star Christiano Ronaldo. It went out for $400,000. Some of the partners of the platform include 216 football clubs, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, and Juventus.

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