Camping World to Accept Bitcoin

As Bitcoin jumped to new heights since the beginning of this year, a mass mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies has started, with major retailers and companies, like Tesla starting to accept payments in digital tokens. American’s biggest RV dealer, Camping World, has now added itself to the list of companies accepting payments in Ethereum and Bitcoin.

While announcing the decision, the company officials maintained that they believe that this step would help innovate the company. Reportedly, Marcus Lemonis, the RV dealership’s head, stated that the move is likely to elevate the customer experience. He said,

as the industry leader, we have a responsibility to adapt to new preferences and elevate the customer experience, whether through the products and services we offer or in the ways we interact and transact with the customer.

As of now, the crypto payments at the Camping World would be available at its locations in Kenosha and Chicago. However, the company stated that it plans to expand it to more cities in coming months.

Camping World, founded in the 1960s, is among the biggest RV retailers across America, with more than 11 thousand employees at more than 227 locations. Best known for hosting a yearly virtual RV show.

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