Canadian Dental Clinic to Accept Cryptocurrencies for it’s Services

A clinic in Ontario Mississauga, Southdown Dental, has begun accepting payments in cryptocurrencies. The clinic added this new payment method to help address the positive sentiment towards cryptocurrencies. Digital coins can now be used to pay for any dental procedure in the clinic.

The dental service is based in Ontario, one of the most populous provinces in Canada. It was launched in 1989 and fancies itself as a service that consistently adapts to new innovations. The clinic has a reputation for offering updated healthcare facilities to their clients.

According to the clinic, the increasing usage of cryptocurrencies in the purchase of consumer goods and services is a motivating factor. They intend to be part of this growth and offer easier accessibility to healthcare for citizens that choose to leave some money in the bank. The clinic mentioned that cryptocurrencies offer effective payments and lower transaction fees. 

Dr. Kal Khaled, who co-owns the clinic, remarked in the press release that their clients have access to traditional payment methods or crypto. Although the press release didn’t disclose the acceptable cryptocurrencies, the assurance was given that cryptocurrencies can pay for procedures. The statement mentioned regular checkups, braces or surgical procedures as use cases. 

Phillips Also Set to Accept Crypto Payments

The Asian Chairman at Phillips, Jonathan Crockett has said the contemporary art firm will accept Bitcoin or Ethereum for its Banksy’s “Laugh Now Panel A”. The artwork will be sold in an auction and will serve as a means to diversify the company’s offerings.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Crockett stated that the reason for deciding to accept cryptocurrency as a payment is because the seller was open to the idea. According to him, the prospect of making a higher sale in cryptocurrency also influenced the decision. 

The seller of the art will have to choose getting paid in cryptocurrency or in Hong Kong Dollars. Philips has seen remarkable growth in recent times. The overall sales the art firm has made is over $760.4 million with auction sales realizing over $648 million. 

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