CEO of Binance CZ Believes BNB Can Top Apple and Amazon

Binance Coin (BNB) is perceived to have a solid use and support and holds a promising future. Recently, affirmations have been spreading that the cryptocurrency might supersede certain traditional firms. The digital asset has performed well in recent times, hitting several highs repeatedly to become one of the top three cryptocurrencies. 

BNB is looked to by its bullish lovers to outperform tech giants like Amazon and Apple. The prediction was let out by famous Bitcoin Enthusiast and YouTuber Jeremie Davinci in a tweet. He said “I believe Binance coin $BNB will be bigger than apple or Amazon because it’s a stock, a crypto, and smart chain.” 

The tweet by Davinci triggered a response from Binance CEO CZ who mentioned that the tweet wasn’t far from the truth aside from the mention of stocks. According to the CEO, stocks were not part of where the crypto is going. His tweet as well generated a lot of responses from the public with some questioning why the centralization of the coin.

Although this prediction might seem quite a long way to go. The market cap of Amazon sits at $1.63 trillion and that of Apple at $2.09 trillion. The difference is way wide for BNB with a market cap of $64.8 billion at the time of this report. 

The Likelihood of Cryptocurrencies Taking Over the Financial Market

The possibility of having virtual currencies dominate the entire financial market might be a matter for the future to decide. It is however a good point to note that cryptocurrencies have performed fairly well in their value development. Bitcoin for instance, happens to be the first cryptocurrency to hit a $1 trillion mark. 

Apple hit it’s first trillion dollar mark after 42 years of existence, while it took Amazon 24 years. The leading crypto, Bitcoin was able to reach this in just about 12 years. Other altcoins have made waves as well, overtaking several traditional institutions in a short time. 

BNB might have a shot at a trillion dollar market cap in a few years considering the rate of its adoption. The BNB blockchain is also a functioning bearer of several DeFi projects. However, despite the optimistic outlook no one can tell yet if these traditional entities will remain at trillion dollar cap.

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