Chainlink Rolls out Support for xDai

The xDai team announced today that Chainlink’s decentralized price feeds are now live on its xDai mainnet. This new upgrade will provide xDai developers with access to secure real-time financial data on-chain. Amid the scaling issues of Ethereum, the integration between Chainlink and xDai seems to have come at the right moment.

The observed centralization of xDai, an Ethereum sidechain, has not stopped DeFi key players from embracing the platform due to the increasing gas fees on the Chainlink and will offer the price data for existing pairs like AAVE/USD.

However, the company said that it’s going to add more pairs in the future if there’s demand for them. The price feeds integration on the xDai network was accomplished through a development workshop called Protofire and xDai validator. Also, the integration will allow the team port native Chain link oracles on xDai.

The xDai adoption will allow it to accommodate more DApps who might want to move away from Ethereum.

Decentralized Apps May Start Migrating to xDai

xDai implements Proof-of-Stake and has a capped number of validators which makes it more scalable compared to the Ethereum network. The fast growth experienced by the xDai or Binance Smart Chain (BSC) seems to be antithetical to the central belief of the community regarding decentralization.

Ethereum has not been able to handle the traffic surge on its network. According to Cointelegraph, decentralization might not be sufficient on its own. For instance, Ethereum Classic was formed because users felt the Ethereum network was not decentralized enough.

However, Ethereum Classic has underperformed and has not attracted much attention from Dapp developers. On the other hand, more seemingly centralized networks have been doing just fine.

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