Charles Hoskinson Explains Cardano to Mark Cuban

Co-founder and CEO of IOHK,  Charles Hoskinson, have explained the special features of Cardano to billionaire Mark Cuban via a YouTube video on Saturday, May 15. 

Hoskinson took to YouTube following a Twitter thread made by Cuban where he stated that the huge question about the relevance of a cryptocurrency has gone beyond lower transactions fees and increased TPs and is now focusing on the current utility, current network effect and significant user growth. 

“[…] This is a challenge for most L1s and L2s because apart from a  few exceptions, marketing in the crypto universe is beyond awful”, Cuban concluded in the thread. 

The tweets attracted various Cardano lovers that advised the billionaire American to take a closer look at the crypto token. Mark Cuban however, replied that he doesn’t believe that $ADA has enough utility and support, particularly mentioning that he has never encountered a useful Cardano powered application. 

Hoskinson Explains Cardano’s Usefulness to Cuban

The IOHK CEO, after a failed attempt to invite Cuban to his Colorado ranch, made the YouTube video to explain the uniqueness of the ecosystem to the Dallas Mavericks Chief.

Hoskinson explained in the video about the sustainability of the Cardano stake system, mentioning that Ethereum developers have failed in the same attempt. The CEO further explained that Cardano is rebuilding entirely the model of smart contracts. One of the major reasons that prompt the remodelling is to guarantee the security of investor funds and create a sustainable application. 

Ethereum was shaded quite well by Hoskinson as he mentioned that the ETH ecosystem is losing its steam as developers no longer actively set to improve it. 

Cuban when asked if Dallas Mavericks would take on Cardano, said this was possible if BitPay lists $ADA on its platform.

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